Just Like Beverly

Beloved children’s author Beverly Cleary had an idyllic childhood. Farm animals were her earliest playmates. Her parents were loving and involved. And she had a gang of friends with whom she spent endless hours outside. But she would have to endure a bout with smallpox and a cruel teacher who shamed her for falling behind rather than help her catch up. She struggled to read and dreaded returning to school the following year, but oh, what a difference a kind and gifted educator can make in a child’s life. Her second grade teacher worked with her one-on-one, and little Beverly blossomed. Her appetite for books was insatiable, and her favorites were those with children just like her and her friends. Cleary’s love of reading led to a love of writing, and well, the rest is history. A delightful, inspiring history of channeling her passion to the benefit of kiddos who reminded her of herself at their age, wanting fun books filled with relatable young characters. The book includes detailed end material that fleshes out Conrad’s light narrative. Hohn’s sunny, 1950’s-style illustrations, paired with Conrad’s cheerful text, make this book a charming study of what it can mean – not just to ourselves but to others – to follow our dreams.

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